Quality Property Tax Reduction

We Do It Right The First Time

We’ve all run into real estate tax agents who seem to always be in a hurry. They can’t stop and take the time to make sure your needs and concerns are being met because they’re afraid they’ll miss out on getting more clients. At Kimbrough Partners Tax Consultants, we think reducing the value of your property should be a careful, deliberate process that meets all your concerns and potential evidenced for property reduction, not done so quickly that you don’t know what happened.

We use a unique, multifaceted approach to ensure that our customers receive the best reduction, no matter what. When we opened 10 years ago, we believed in providing quality customer service to meet your needs, and we still do today. We’re your property tax consultant yesterday, today and tomorrow.




Buying a New Home?

Rest Assured In Our Property Tax Services

We know that buying a home can be a truly nerve wracking experience and on top of that worrying about property taxes at the end of the year. Whether you’re looking for your first home or are downsizing because of an empty nest, we can help you work towards obtaining a reduction for your perfect home. Do you need a reduction to an executive-level luxury home or a quiet place in the woods to reflect during your retirement? Our access to a variety of databases ensures you’ll be happy with your options.

We also believe in small town values and honesty. If we don’t think that a reduction is obtainable we’ll tell you. You’ll get more than you expect with exceptional service.